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One to One Reporting

Our platform features built-in analytics on every email, landing page, QR code, and mail piece sent through our system. With visibility over total performance down to the level of individual targets, optimizing campaign ROI has never been this easy.

Analytics Dashboard

Get total visibility over your marketing efforts with an innovative drag-and-drop reporting interface that displays campaign performance across all channels. See who has been interacting with your messaging, and how – from a single, intuitive online interface.

Truly Cross-Channel Metrics

Marketing programs on our platform reach across channels – and so do our analytics. See performance across print, email, social, and desktop web channels – allowing you to track your marketing efforts, both online and offline.

Drill Down to the Individual Level

View activity and events for your entire campaign – down to the individual Target level. Your performance analysis can get as granular as you’d like.

Check in On-the-Go

Stay in touch with your marketing programs no matter where you find yourself. With our Reports available on iPad and Android tablet devices, you are never far from your metrics.

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