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Travel and Entertainment

One–to–One Marketing in the Travel and Hospitality Industry

Travel & Hospitality has rapidly evolved into a fiercely competitive marketplace. And, as the chase for leisure dollars heats up, it is ever more important to market effectively to new and returning customers.

Easypurl’s marketing automation and personalization technology enables one–to–one marketing messages that drive recurring revenue by creating conversations that turn one–time visitors into return customers – helping marketers realize results efficiently.

One-to-One Marketing in the Travel & Hospitality Industries

One–to–one marketing strategies can enhance engagement and strengthen long–term relationships. Through segmentation and targeting for special offers and other methods, marketers can create ongoing communications with customers between visits –– and reinforce emotional connections to their brand.

Curious as to how they make it Happen?

Learn how leading resorts, hotels and others use Easypurl’s personalization and marketing automation technology create ongoing conversations by delivering personalized online concierge pages through which they can access information about upcoming and previous visits such as account balances, add-on services and more – as well as view and opt-in to highly targeted special offers.

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