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Introducing Easypurl 12.0

Easy and Powerful Marketing with PURLs

Move beyond simple direct marketing programs and deploy cross-channel marketing initiatives that synchronize direct mail offers with web, email, mobile, social and more.

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Providing true one-to-one customer experiences in your marketing is more important than ever before. And with Easypurl, it’s never been more Easy. Request a Free demo Today to see real-life examples that demonstrate how Easypurl can help with your marketing efforts.

With Easypurl's Integrated Marketing platform you can:

  • Be a Personalization Powerhouse: Quickly create personalized URLs and dynamic landing pages, emails, and more to engage your audience on a one-to-one level.
  • Launch Marketing Campaigns without IT: No special skills required. With Easypurl, your next one-to-one integrated marketing initiative will be Easy.
  • Save Time: Easypurl provides a single interface to create and launch all your marketing initiatives including, emails, landing pages, direct mail and more.
  • Measure Outcomes at the Target Level: Use our system to manage your one-to-one marketing initiatives, and you will see the results of your efforts – right down to the individual Target.

What’s Included With Easypurl:

Personalized Quick-Start Guidance

Once you on-board with Easypurl, a dedicated account representative will guide you through your first campaign – most customers are launching their first email or direct mail project in minutes.

Best Practices, Knowledge and Ideas

Thousands of Campaigns have been designed, deployed and optimized inside Easypurl. With access to a shared library of pre-built Email, Landing Page and other Templates available at no extra charge , you will have the ability to quickly realize a cost-effective impact.

Free Customer Support

Get access to the Help you need any time – our Customer Support Specialists are standing by. With hundreds of clients and thousands of Campaigns under our belt, there is nothing we haven’t seen – and we won’t sleep until your Marketing program is running smoothly.

Turnkey Campaign Services

With Easypurl, you'll have access to an entire marketing agency on demand. Call upon our graphics designers, HTML coders, content writers, and marketing strategists anytime you need help with your campaigns.


After your implementation, the Easypurl Academy is open to all in your organization. Learn from instructor-led training workshops in our virtual classroom and available in-person workshops – or at your own pace with our on-demand videos.

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Please call 1-866-463-7671 Ext. 1 or email us  to request a demo, discuss your campaign objectives or learn more about our software packages,
which include Easypurl Express Marketing Suite and our Complete Integrated Reseller Edition.

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