Why Do Marketers Love Easypurl Engage?

Because it helps them harness the power of personalized marketing in a fast, simple way. Plus, our solutions are proven to increase response rates, conversions, and customer loyalty — all of which make marketers (and their bosses) happy. But these are just words. Let us prove why so many marketers just like you LOVE Easypurl. Request a demo to experience Easypurl for yourself!

Start Profiting From Personalized Marketing

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engage each of your Targets on the individual level

Our tools let you simply and easily craft powerful, customized campaigns that you can easily test and optimize.

  • Personalized URLs

    Quickly create permanent, Personalized URLs for each individual in your target audience, using any domain.

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    Drive direct marketing engagement with unique, trackable Personalized QR codes for each recipient.

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  • Dynamic Landing Pages

    Personalize your engagement with data–driven Landing Pages that display unique content for each individual.

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  • Powerful Reporting & Analytics

    Our reporting dashboard gives you total visibility over your campaigns, and enables you to harness the power of responder data.

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Capture attention and engage each target on the individual level.

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A Personalized URL, or PURL, is a unique web address created specifically for each prospect or customer who receives your direct mail piece or direct marketing communication. Because each Personalized URL contains the recipient’s name inside a web address reserved exclusively for them, PURLs allow marketers to create a truly personalized and engaging 1:1 experience — sort of like a concierge service for each customer of prospect.

  • Every Target Gets a Personalized URL (And a Personalized Experience)
    Easypurl’s powerful personalization engine makes it fast and easy to generate a Personalized URL for every target or customer in your database. PURLs increase personalization and interactivity with your marketing, help you create life-long audience communication, and enable you to provide your targets or customers with relevant information and measure the results — all from one platform.
  • Create A Personalized Connection With Your Brand
    Our proprietary PURL technology enables you to maintain your branding AND create a personalized experience for every prospect or customer in your target database. Not only can you generate a PURL for each target, you can also create a dynamic, personalized landing page exclusively for each target — using your company’s domain or whichever domain you choose.
  • The Fastest, Most Powerful PURL Solutions Available
    Easypurl’s personalization engine is so powerful that you can create millions of PURLs in seconds — on demand and from anywhere in the world.
  • Optional PURL Security Feature
    Easypurl gives you the ability to add an additional security step to any PURL campaign — which requires the user to enter a security code to access the Personalized URL — to protect any private or personally identifiable information.
  • We Handle All The Heavy Lifting
    Why do marketers, agencies and printers love Easypurl so much? Here’s one reason: We take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on increasing sales and revenue. Our exclusive technology takes care of all the PURL hosting — on the domain of your choice. You own the domain, we take care of the hosting and everything else. It’s that simple!

Experience our personalization engine First-hand! Click the button below to create your own PURL!



Say goodbye to boring static codes and hello to personalized QR code wizardry.

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Using Personalized QR Codes as part of a strategic cross-channel approach will help you boost overall conversions (and ROI) by providing targets with multiple engagement options. How? With Easypurl, each target in your database will receive a Personalized QR Code that is unique to them — and gives them instant access to their personalized landing page, multimedia content, coupons, or anything at all. Additional benefits include:

  • A Dynamic QR Code For Every Target
    Thanks to Easypurl's powerful personalization engine, you can provide seamless cross-channel experiences by creating dynamic QR codes for every single target in your database.
  • Fast And Super Powerful
    Generate hundreds of thousands of Personalized QR Codes using the Easypurl platform whenever you need to – in seconds, and from anywhere.
  • Simplify Engagement From Mobile Devices
    No need to enter in long URLs on a tiny smartphone screen. With Personalized QR Codes, targets are just a snap away from engaging with your marketing campaigns
  • Proprietary, Lightweight Fon
    Our unique technology creates Personalized QR Codes using a proprietary, lightweight font – allowing you to incorporate them in your campaigns without the need to deal with large image files
  • Scalable And Secure
    Whether you need to generate 10,000 Personalized QR Codes or 10 million, we've got you covered! Plus, all Personalized QR Codes are stored safely and securely in the Easypurl platform.
  • Unprecedented Visibility Over Performance
    With Easypurl, you'll have access to a variety of reporting and analytics tools that let you review campaign performance and Personalized QR Code engagement down to the individual target level.



Capture responses and deliver unique customer experiences to each of your targets.

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Easypurl makes it easy to engage each of your prospects or customers on the individual level by utilizing our dynamic landing pages to deliver a truly personalized experience to each target. Plus, you don’t have to be a designer or even a marketing expert to get amazing results. Our tools make it easy to craft, test and optimize customized landing pages with ease.

  • World’s Easiest Online Landing Page Editor
    Creating stunning landing page and email designs is as easy as dragging and dropping elements into place using our simple yet powerful WYSIWYG online editing tool — no HTML, CSS or special skills required! Plus, there’s no software to download or install, and it takes just minutes to create fully responsive, personalized landing page designs.
  • Hundreds of Free Landing Page Template
    Build from scratch or choose one of Easypurl’s hundreds of pre-built, fully customizable landing page templates — fully responsive and pre-optimized for desktop and mobile — all for free!
  • Truly Dynamic, Personalized Messaging
    All of our landing pages are dynamic, meaning you can leverage data to provide each customer or prospect with a truly personalized experience. You have the power to incorporate things like personalized greetings and text specific to each visitor, variable imagery, and more.
  • The Tools (and Power) To Generate Leads
    Leverage the power of Easypurl’s dynamic landing pages to create a truly personalized experience for visitors AND to generate leads for your company. Our platform makes it easy to incorporate survey or lead-capture forms into your landing page — including highly customized, multi-paged forms.
  • Add Rich Media Content To Any Landing Page
    When we say dynamic, we mean it. In addition to your ability to add variable static imagery to any landing page, you can also incorporate variable rich media content like video, maps, interactive Flash or CSS, news, social feeds, and more — which provides an even more personalized, interactive environment for prospects or customers.
  • Optimize Effectiveness With A/B Split Testing
    Easypurl features built-in A/B split testing, which makes the process of testing and identifying champion vs. challenger landing page designs simple and efficient. Instead of relying on guesswork or gut feelings, you can use real, personalized user data to make decisions when it comes to optimizing your landing pages for effectiveness.


Track and analyze campaign results across channels from a single reporting platform.

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Get unprecedented visibility on the performance of every Personalized URL (PURL) landing page, QR code, direct mail piece, call / IVR response, personalized email, SMS, and more with Easypurl’s integrated multichannel reporting and analytics dashboard. You can measure and optimize each campaign, down to the individual target level, thanks to our user-friendly interface — powered by our proprietary reporting and analytics engine.

  • One Dashboard, ALL of Your Campaign Metrics
    Easypurl features the most comprehensive multichannel data metrics available — all accessible via our user-friendly reporting and analytics dashboard. You’ll have complete visibility on the performance of every single marketing campaign — both online and offline — including print (direct mail), personalized email (including trigger emails), social, desktop and mobile landing pages, and more.
  • Detailed Reporting Down To The Individual Level
    Thanks to Easypurl’s powerful reporting and analytics engine, you can view campaign events and activity down to the individual target level. Our reporting dashboard makes it easy to analyze performance on a granular level by giving you the power to drill down to individual-user-level metrics.
  • Access Your Reporting Dashboard From Any Device
    Away from the office but still want to check your campaign reports or metrics? No problem. You can access Easypurl’s reporting and analytics dashboard on the go from any device, tablet or of course any desktop computer.
  • White Label Your Reporting Dashboard
    We make it easy for you to maintain brand consistency by giving you the ability to white label your reporting interface with your logo and contact information. Our powerful reporting engine; your branding. Your clients will see your logo (and only your logo) on every screen, and your company’s desired email and phone number for support or contact purposes.
  • Give Each Of Your Clients Their Own Reporting Dashboard
    It’s fast and easy to provide your clients with a private-labeled reporting area reserved exclusively for them. You can give each client sub-account access to their own "Reports-only" dashboard, where they can see campaigns launched by you on their behalf. Please keep in mind that you have the ability to set and adjust permissions, and your client sub-accounts will ONLY be able to view and access reporting information on campaigns you’ve launched on their behalf.
  • User Management Made Simple
    The administrative interface in the reporting dashboard makes adding or removing client “Reports-only” users a breeze. Plus, when you add a new client sub-account reporting user, they will receive an automatic invitation email — branded with your logo — that contains their login information.

Marketers Demand Results

And our Easypurl Engage Marketing Suite delivers. That’s why 1,000s of professionals trust Easypurl to boost engagement, build loyalty, increase response rates and drive revenue.


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