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Most every marketer today knows that managing data is little like teaching tricks to an 800 pound gorilla–lots of power if handled correctly. Indeed, if you have volumes of profile data stored in an existing CRM or contact database you're probably still on the look out for ways to improve its management and realize its full potential for your direct marketing.

The good news is whatever the shape, size or location of your data, can help maximize its potential by seamlessly harmonizing it with all of your marketing efforts. To that end, we offer EasyCRM, a powerful, yet easy to use contact management solution built right into, fully integrated with all of its marketing tools and capabilities.

Think of it as freeing up your data. Freedom to easily access contacts and profiles within your CRM for all your direct marketing initiatives, then freely update it with fresh response data in real time. In other words, gain the freedom to leverage and build the potential of your data at the same time, without time-consuming, error-prone import and export processes.

EasyCRM: The CRM solution for direct marketers

If you're daunted by the challenges of effectively managing your customer or prospect data you're not alone. Although there are many options available for CRM and contact management, few solutions are optimized for Direct Marketers. That's where EasyCRM stands apart from the pack. We've packed it with features useful for direct marketers including the ability to seamlessly run and track direct marketing Campaigns from your data. But we didn't just stop there – true to its name EasyCRM is easier to use than traditional contact management solutions, and most importantly, more cost effective as well.

Work with data in your accounts user? We've got you covered. We make it easy to leverage your existing investment with by delivering a truly unique, out-of-the-box marketing integration that can access Leads and Contacts directly from your SF database. What's more, you can create custom filters to access only those records you wish to use with your Campaign – a refreshing change from the dreary world of import/export. And that's not all. can automatically add or update the records within your SF database in real time. Imagine running a direct marketing Campaign that automatically feeds leads to your sales team as they flow in. Now that's what marketing automation technology is all about!

Connectivity to your proprietory CRM/Contact Management solution

Like many companies, if you're utilizing a proprietory CRM solution or one that's based off of a Sugar-like platform, we got you covered too! was designed for use by companies of all shapes and sizes. If you're happy with your database management, can deploy the technical staff to help you build a live connection between your database and our powerful marketing solution. We also offer easy-to-decipher API documentation that can be used by your technical team to make the connections happen.

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