Integrated Cross-channel Reporting and Analytics

The World's Most Complete Multichannel Engagement Dashboard
Our platform features built-in analytics on every PURL landing page, QR code, email, SMS, mail piece, call, and more that is managed through our system.

With Easypurl, you get unprecedented visibility over total campaign performance -- down to the level of each individual target – making campaign measurement and optimization easier than ever before.

Analytics Dashboard

Get total visibility over your marketing efforts with an innovative Reports dashboard that displays campaign performance across all channels. See who has been interacting with your messaging, and how – from a single, intuitive online interface.

  • Most Comprehensive Cross-Channel Metrics Available
    Marketing programs on our platform reach across channels – and so do our analytics. See performance across print, email, social, and desktop web channels – allowing you to track the performance your marketing efforts, both online and offline.
  • Drill Down to the Individual Level
    View activity and events for your entire campaign – down to the individual Target level. Your performance analysis can get as granular as you’d like.
  • Check in On-the-Go
    Stay in touch with your marketing programs no matter where you find yourself. With our Reports available on iPad and Android tablet devices, you are never far from your metrics.

Real-time Alerts

Send emails based on actions taken on your PURL campaigns with personalized, triggered messaging to respondents – as well as alerts your client’s marketing and sales staff. No matter who responds – or doesn’t respond – Easypurl can send messaging accordingly.

  • Real-time alerts via email and/or SMS to Sales and Marketing
    Notify sales or marketing staff in real time, via SMS or email, every time a recipient takes action on a PURL campaign. Whether they respond to their PURL page, respond via SMS, reply through our BRC service, or call in via telephone – we will notify you in real-time of their activity.
  • Triggered Messaging to Responders
    Send variable follow-up messaging to respondents based on the actions they took on your campaign. Did they fill out a form? Send them a confirmation email. You can even vary messaging based on individual responses or information that you may already may have.
  • Additional Messaging to Non-responders
    Did a respondent take no action? You can even send follow-up messaging to those who have not responded to encourage eventual conversion – say, by sending ever-greater incentives over time.

Easy to Use

When you login to Easypurl’s Reports Dashboard, all of your marketing results are placed at your fingertips with the world’s easiest, most intuitive Reports Dashboard. Plus, our Reports go to work as soon as your campaign is launched -- and requires no user intervention to operate or maintain.

  • Intuitive Graphic Interface
    Easypurl makes it easy to accumulate and disseminate marketing results with an interface that shows your results in an easy-to-consume graphical interface.
  • Search, sort and filter Results
    Inside Easypurl’s Reports dashboard, all of your results are your fingertips – and easy to find, as well. You can click any graph or result to call up a table-style report that can be searched, sorted, filtered and more.
  • Export Data with a Single Click
    Want to see who clicked on your email? How about everyone who visited your PURL? Or everyone who didn’t visit? With Easypurl, you can isolate any element or segment of your campaign and with one click, export it into CSV of Excel for offline manipulation.

Private-labelled Access for Your Customers

For agencies, printers and other Easypurl Resellers, we optionally allow you to white-label your Reports dashboard with your Company’s own brand identity. With Easypurl, your Reports interface will look as if it is your own proprietary technology!

  • Fully White-labelled Reports Interface
    Every screen on the Easypurl reports dashboard shows your logo – and only your logo. We present your phone number and email address as the contact points for your clients when they need support.
  • A Dashboard for Each Subaccount
    Give each of your clients a private-labelled area just for them – where they will be able to see only the campaigns that you have launched on their behalf, that you want them to see.
  • Easy User Management
    Easily add and remove client “Reports-only” users in a simple administrative interface. We even send them automatic invitations with their log-in information that is branded with your identity.