These days, it seems like there are as many different ways to send massive amounts of emails as there are people to send them to. At, we know that sending out a million emails isn't the real challenge, it's making those emails connect with your audience that really counts.

Integrate your marketing communications

Imagine sending email that is fully integrated with all of your customer and prospect data that you've painstakingly gathered for direct marketing purposes. Imagine sharing it seamlessly between your email campaigns, direct mail, landing pages and even contacts within your CRM without ever having to import or export data between marketing applications again.

You don't have to use your imagination anymore, because it's here with the cross-media marketing platform. Now you can run and manage multiple campaigns in real time, analyze and refine them all from a single, centralized database. You can even share assets such as images and documents across your entire campaign.

Automating your follow-up is easy when all the touch points of your campaign are connected. Trigger personalized email based on a prospect's visit to your website or send a delivery confirmation of your postal direct mail to them.

Better yet, it's easy to view big picture reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that provide visibility into all aspects of your campaign with no need to consolidate data. With's powerful reporting dashboard, a single integrated view of your entire campaign is just a few mouse clicks away.

Engage your audience with personalized content

Take email personalization to another level by creating a truly personal dialogue with your customers and prospects. Design personalized, attractive and engaging email messages that drive results. Dynamically personalize the content of messages, including text and graphics for each recipient, plus leverage your database to customize messages by list segment or prospect profile.

Deliver your email messages efficiently and responsibly

As with all direct marketing, delivery matters. mail servers are white-listed with major ISPs so you enjoy better delivery and response rates. What's more, built-in safeguards make it easy to be 100% CAN-SPAM compliant to ensure that your marketing communications are distributed in a considerate and legal way.

Automate timely follow-up messages and alerts

Whether you're sending a simple "thank you" response or presenting your prospects with a tailored follow-up marketing message, makes it simple to set up multi-touch marketing programs that can run literally while you sleep. For instance, drive conversions by triggering emails based on postal delivery notifications, visits to your Personalized landing pages, or even actions taken by prospects or customers on your website.

Feature List

  • Scheduled Emails
    Specify when users will receive emails
  • Event-triggered Emails
    Deliver emails based on prospect actions or events
  • Personalization
    Create highly customized individually targeted email messages
  • High-deliverability
    Compliance and scalability to make sure your messages get through
  • Robust Reporting
    End-to-end visibility of your email campaign
  • List Management
    Automatic maintenance of recipient list and CRM integration
  • Private-labeled
    Your emails look like they come only from you
  • Integration
    Streamlined across cross-channel workflows and data flow/li>


Tracking your Direct mail campaigns just got easier with Intelligent Mail Barcodes. Now can deliver that data alongside the results of your campaigns – and can leverage real-time delivery information to help increase web-response rates.

So now all your Direct Mail campaigns, whether First Class or Standard Bulk Business Rate, will have 'first class' data and reporting thanks to