Nurture long-term relationships with a unique, permanent home on the web for each Target. For the first time, marketers can reach large audiences with unprecedented customization –establishing personal connections to their messaging by acknowledging each Target’s individuality.

Powerful Underlying Technology

Best–in–class Personalization Engine

Under the hood of our platform lies the world’s most powerful Personalization engine – which allows you to tailor communication to each individual target – enabling unprecedented 1:1 personalized engagement.

  • Robust variable composition
    Tailor your messaging based on Targets’ profile information, known interests and affiliations, and online activity. Deliver variable text, images, and rich media elements – which can all change dynamically based on Targets’ recent activities or changing profile information.
  • Personalize any Channel
    With out-of-the-box support for variable print, web, email, mobile and social messaging, you can be rest assured that your customized message will get noticed, no matter the channel.
  • Intuitive Variable Mapping
    Choose how to personalize content with our visual “Mapping” interface, which enables users to start delivering powerful personalization across channels using simple “if-then” logic – no technical knowledge necessary.

Dynamic Landing Pages

Personalized, or Dynamic Landing Pages enables you to engage each of your Targets on the individual level with the message that’s right for them — with laser-beam precision. And, anyone can do it. Our tools let you simply and easily craft powerful, customized pages that you can easily test and optimize.

  • Simple Online Landing Page Editor
    If you can drag and you can drop, you can create stunning landing pages and email communications in minutes. Our simple yet powerful WYSIWYG Landing Page Editor lets you create pages without knowledge of HTML, CSS – and, there is no complicated software to install.
  • Hundreds of Templates
    With hundreds of ready-made, customizable templates for desktop web, mobile and print available at no extra charge, you will never be short on ideas.
  • Personalized, Variable Messaging
    Leverage data about your customers and prospects and personalize your messages with custom, variable greetings, text, or images
  • Survey and Lead Capture Forms
    Get the most from your campaigns with lead-capture forms and build multi-paged customized surveys.
  • Rich Media Content
    Make your Landing Pages come alive with rich-media widgets that can display custom variable content such as video, interactive flash, maps, news and social feeds, and more.
  • Built-in A/B Testing
    With our platform’s built-in A/B "Split" Testing, determining which versions of your campaigns are most effective has never been easier. Take the gut-feelings and guesswork out of your decision-making – and replace it with data derived from real, user interactions.