Landing Pages are a direct marketer's best friend. Why? Because any savvy direct marketer knows keeping your customers and prospects focused on your marketing message is what it's all about. Given today's competitive and multi-channel environment, it's no wonder Landing Pages have become the de-facto method on the Web today to present offer-specific content for direct response campaigns.

Albeit an effective strategy, Landing Pages are not nearly enough! To stand out in the crowd, today's marketing message needs to speak to each individual on a 1:1 basis. And that's where we come in. Landing Pages are 1:1 marketing communication vehicles, enabling you to connect with each individual with the precision of a laser beam.

The distinction between an Landing Pages and a normal Landing Page is stark. A fitting analogy would be the difference between viewing your favorite television show in high-definition versus on your grandfathers black-and-white TV set. That's the difference between Landing Pages and the rest of the pack..

But that's not all: makes 1:1 marketing easier, more efficient and more easily accessible by integrating our powerful landing page designer into a complete marketing communications platform. Use our best-in-class suite of tools to leverage the latest in Landing Page technology across all the touch-points of your marketing campaigns. With, Personalized Marketing Communications is suddenly within reach.

Generate Personalized URLs at high speeds enables users of all skill levels to quickly and easily develop sophisticated and feature-rich Personalized Landing Pages for marketing campaigns. Our built-in Personalization Engine takes profiling to a whole new level, for example:

Welcome your Web visitors with a personalized greeting, increasing their comfort level and leading to higher affinity.

Use Smart Forms pre-filled with key profile information– such as name, address, phone number, etc – to drive responses and substantially boost page conversion rates, turning far more prospects into leads.

Set up Business Rules to display variable images or text on each and every page – based on information in the data file or visitor interaction – leading to a truly unique online experience for each visitor.

Use Groundbreaking Design Tools makes building Landing Pages as easy as one, two, three... in fact we offer three easy ways to create and publish your Landing Pages:

Canvas Designer — Armed with our revolutionary Canvas Designer, every marketing professional – even those who cringe at the thought of Web page design – can now create stunning custom Landing Pages in minutes flat. The Canvas Designer is completely WYSIWYG with no limit on number of pages or workflow.

Template Library — Built-in Templates for various industries specific applications make building a Landing Pages for your marketing project a snap. Pick from a list of available industry Templates, add a logo or customize the pages for your project, and you're ready to send your visitors to a personalized site that will drive conversions.

HTML Editor Plug-ins — For those geeks out there who love to code, don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you either. plugs into your favorite HTML editor, including Dreamweaver™ and FrontPage™, to support HTML code-level access. Design locally on your machine and publish to the Web with a click of the mouse.

Build Smart forms and Web Surveys

Capturing customer data is a key ingredient in direct response marketing. In Interactive marketing campaigns, Web Forms are used to confirm visitors' contact information, purchase information, and even gather detailed survey responses. Whatever your objective, makes it easy to build Web Forms to include in your cross-media campaigns.

It's all in the Form! The best designed Landing Pages and direct response campaigns will fail if the response method is too unwieldy or difficult to use. Introducing's Smart form technology – designed to drive conversions. Smart forms make it possible to pre-populate profile information – such as name, address, preferred product or any other data – into a Web form when a visitor arrives on their personalized Landing Page. Smart forms can also interactively react to information entered, continuing to personalize the experience. For example, responses on one page can dictate questions asked on another. The result is a marked increase in Web conversion rates – as high as 80-90 percent.

Incorporate Rich Media and other Features

Make your Landing Pages light up with the richest content including broadband content like streaming audio and video using Flash and other popular players. In fact, you can even personalize your rich media with built-in capabilities to embed customer profile information directly into your flash movies. Web designers rejoice because you finally have the freedom to incorporate greater interactivity using animation or JavaScript. We're not afraid to make this bold statement – is the most flexible and robust Landing Page design tool in the industry.

For certain marketers, what good's a Landing Page if you can't capture an order? Whether you're a cataloger who wants to make sales, or a non-profit who wants to generate donations, can make your ecommerce more effective by adding an Impulse Shopping Cart to your campaign's Landing Page. These special Shopping Carts convert better than most ecommerce sites, turning more prospects into customers. Landing Pages can even be easily integrated with popular payment gateway services such as, Verisign and PayPal right out of the box!

Feature List

  • Templates
    Library of Templates for quick and easy Campaign creation
  • Canvas Designer
    Revolutionary tool to enable WYSIWYG & free form page design
  • Dreamweaver Support
    Plug-ins are available to connect with Dreamweaver and Frontpage for HTML and code level access
  • Rich media
    Built-in support for Flash, streaming video or audio, Javascript or animation
  • Asset Manager
    Store and organize your graphics, plus other web content in your private sandbox online
  • E-commerce
    Capture orders and payment within your landing pages
  • Personalized Content
    Personalize each engagement with custom greeting, text, images or smart forms
  • Workflow
    Support multiple pages and custom workflow
  • Surveys
    Create lead-capture forms and build multi-paged customized surveys