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Industry Case Studies

One–to–One Marketing Case Studies by Industry

Marketers leverage our platform and our best-in-class personalization technology to drive solutions to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing programs. Across industries and sectors, our clients are learning to put the power of personalization to work for them – and are achieving spectacular results.

Curious to know how they do it?

Below, we outline work done for clients in a few specific verticals. Click on the links below to learn how our solutions are helping these organizations achieve results.


Dealership groups have utilized our platform to strengthen engagement with customers, resulting in growth of realized post–sales revenue opportunities. This landing page delivers a personal experience with a specific car model in mind for the customer. Click here to learn more


Personalized shopping guides and catalogs are very effective ways to engage customers on an individual basis. This landing page produces shopping results designed specifically around each consumer. Click here to learn more


Personalized patient information is leveraged in customer communications for targeted wellness programs that strengthen engagement. Click here to learn more


Banks, credit unions, and investment firms use Easypurl’s personalization engine to dramatically grow lead origination. This landing page leverages consumer data for a more effective Mutual Fund Program pitch. Click here to learn more

Travel and Hospitality

Major hospitality chains utilize personalized marketing to present unique offers that drive recurring revenue. In this landing page, specific offers to families are driven by data collected from past resort visits. Click here to learn more

Gaming & Entertainment

Casinos, gaming groups and amusement operators use personalized one-to-one marketing featuring PURLs and dynamic landing pages to present unique offers that urge players towards return visits. In this landing page, a 'permanent' PURL is reserved for members of a casino loyalty program. Click here to learn more


Our platform has helped education institutions improve their cross-channel marketing to help drive significant increases in student applications, enrollment, and donations. This landing page creates a competition between graduating classes to encourage more substantial contributions. Click here to learn more


Nonprofit organizations connect Easypurl with their CRMs to personalize fundraising campaigns and boost frequency and amounts of repeat donations. This campaign uses donor information to maximize the relevance of the appeal. Click here to learn more