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Our leadership team

Tej Kohli

Founder & CEO

Silicon alley veteran Tej Kohli has more than 15 years of experience building and managing disruptive technology companies that address marketing problems. In 2002 he founded INDROS Group, an integrated marketing R&D investment organization whose portfolio companies include Easypurl.com and Experiture.com among others.

In 2006 Tej founded Easypurl to revolutionize the way marketers reach their audiences. He is the chief architect of Easypurl’s groundbreaking personalization engine. In 2013, Tej founded the cross-channel marketing automation platform Experiture.

Tej holds a dual degree in economics and computer science. He also speaks at conferences and hosts workshops at some of the industry’s leading trade organizations.

When not inspiring the management and team members at his companies, Tej can be found perfecting his low–handicap golf game or improving his APA rankings.

Paul Mitchell

Director of Sales

Paul Mitchell helped make Easypurl into the industry–leading integrated marketing platform it is today. He is responsible for creating and deploying training programs, sales growth initiatives, marketing plans and creative branding strategies at Easypurl.

Paul has over 20 years of media sales and client service experience to C–level, VP–level and Director–level stakeholders across multiple channels.

When he’s not looking for new opportunities at the intersection of digital technology and business–to–client networking, Paul, a native New Yorker, frequents the City’s many theaters, enjoying a ballet or dance recital.

Jonathan Klein

Vice-President, Digital Solutions

With over eight years of experience creating and managing web–based strategies, Jonathan Klein understands the importance of connecting businesses with today’s digital marketplace.

As an Account Services associate, Jonathan works with customers to plan, implement and optimize their integrated, multichannel marketing initiatives. He brings a unique enthusiasm for marketing, as well as a fascination with design and technological trends while helping clients with their marketing initiatives.

Previous to joining, Jonathan worked for a midtown, Manhattan marketing agency where he managed the digital presence on behalf of several SMB clients.

Alex Holt–Cohan


Alex can hum the entire theme song to the '90s "X-Men" cartoon.

Ashish Salpekar

Lead, Technology Management

Chandrahas Chaudhari

Director, Technology

On weekends you can find him meditating on the bank of Ganges.

Chelsey Pletts

Marketing Manager

In her spare time, Chelsey likes to surf the gnar at Rockaway Beach and gallop cross-country on horseback.

Ian Grazette

Account Services

Ian actively channel-surfs after work in hopes of finding a show that’ll help him relive the '90s.

Jennifer–Leigh Oprihory

Director, Marketing

Jenn is actually Lois Lane’s alter ego.

Joseph Marino

Manager, National Accounts

Joe has playlists on deck for everything from dinner parties and hanging with friends to his personally–crafted playlist for his own funeral.

Manabendra Roy

Lead, Technology Projects

Parsha Anderson

Manager, Operations

Parsha is awesome. Point blank period.

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